Tabisha from DR Congo didn’t allow life as a refugee to dim her goals of becoming the ‘biggest fashion designer in Kakuma’.

She’s made a name for herself at Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya and dreams of dressing celebs like Yemi Alade with her stunning designs.


The family that dresses together stays together

Being married is one thing, keeping the marriage together is another, this is the same no matter your geographic location, your ethnic background or religious belief.

To be happy is to embrace what(who) you have, to love fully and spend the rest of your life creating new ideas to make everyday new and exciting, the Esperanza Fashion and Design family seems to have the ingredients to a fashionable and exciting family life, with a sewing machine and your brilliant ideas we can make your family look more outstanding and more remarkable as the photos you see below.

In Africans, we believe that when you live with (married to) someone for a long time, you start looking alike, because if you love to wear similar clothings, eating healthy together and cherish special occasions with lots of love, you become one thing and a remarkable example in the community and most of all you create a memory to cherish everyday for the rest of your beautiful and happy life and that of your children.

Let us make that special moment beautiful and most fashionable for you.